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Madison & Associates, Inc.

. . . . . . If You Can Imagine It, We Can Build It . . . . . . Custom Industrial Equipment, Design, Engineering & Sales

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Transfer Tables
Turn Tables
Tank Car Head Trimmers
Custom Shop Trucks
Rabbit Systems
Blast Room Equip
Paint Booths & RTO's
Blast-Paint Room Manlifts
Paint Drying Equipment
Repairs & Retrofits
Spiral Rolling Mills
Barge Moving Equipment
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Transfer Tables (Traversers)
Transfer Table

Slide a rail car or other product left or

right to a different track to change direction, or to feed a blast room or paint booth.


Turn Tables 

Full Size Turn Tables
9 Ft Turn Tables
12 Ft Turn Tables
Custom Size Turn Tables

Tank Car Head Trimmer

Tank Car Head Trimmer

Bevel inside, outside, cut flat, cut scrap



Railcar  - Through blast & paint
Tank Bogies/Dollies


Railcar Moving Equipment

Indoor - In the Floor

Outdoor - On the Tie





We are the people that industry calls when they don't know where to get what they need, or need to develop equipment used in large item production.  We perform custom fabrication and equipment design/build for manufacturers, repair facilities, and industry. We are not limited to any specific application or industry, and are happy to work on any ideas you may have, that will make your life easier.

Contact Us:

Mick Madison
(618) 792-1162

118 Skyway Ct
Suite A
East Alton, IL.   62024

                   NFIB member business        

Blast Rooms & Equipment

Blast Rooms & Equipment

Dust Removal Equipment 


Paint Booths
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers








 Blast Room Repairs & Retrofits




We know how important it is to completely understand our Client's needs in order to provide the best possible solution for any given situation. We would love to help you on your next project. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

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Bridge & Gantry Cranes



Spiral Rolling Mills

Pipe Rolling Machinery for Tank Car Jackets & Tank Car Bodies
Pipe Production
Up to 10.5 ft Diameter & 1" Thickness

We specialize in designing and building equipment that moves, slides, rolls, turns, and lifts heavy things.  We also provide general fabrication. We take great pride in our products, and the service we give to our Clients.  We bring many years of experience to the table, along with common sense and helpful ideas.


Madison & Associates, Inc.

"If you can imagine it... we can build it!"